Pousada Barra Mar - Praia de Ibiraquera, Santa Catarina, CEP: 88780-000, Brazil

One of the Pousada Barra Mar objective is to provide a unique and unforgettable trip to you with hospitality in the middle to nature.

Thus, it provides tourist advice that will assist in choosing the best tour options in the area, shopping tours, gastronomic itineraries, all according to your interest. In addition, a variety of entertainment for adults and children, the Ibiraquera Beach and area provide.

  • Kitesurf em Ibiraquera
  • Kitesurf em Ibiraquera
  • Kite surf em Ibiraquera


Windsurfing, kite surfing, surfing, stand up paddle, sand boarding, kayaking, among others. The equipment can be rented on the beach of Ibiraquera. For those who want to start these sports, there are teachers teaching courses.

  • pesca tarrafa


In the region there are several options for amateur fishermen from nearly all modalities: hand line, reel, cast net, caceio networks, embedded, etc.

  • baleia franca_alta
  • Baleias


In the period from July to November the Ibiraquera Beach receiving distinguished visitors, the Franca whales may be the beach or various viewpoints views. If you prefer, we provide a covenant with environmental guides to accompany them.

  • Golfinho em Ibiraquera


Visit the city of Laguna / SC, which is the Dolphin Sanctuary. Observation is directed and made by boat with the presence of environmental guide.

  • Trilha de Ibiraquera

Beyond the traditional walk on the beach, there are several in the region trails amidst nature that can be done with or without the presence guide, among which we highlight:

King of the road: Ibiraquera Beach to Praia do Rosa, through the Luz.

Output: Ibiraquera Beach.
5,300 m (round trip).
Average time: 3 hours.
Route level: Light.

Red: Rosa Beach at Red Beach.

Output: Rosa North Beach
Distance: 2,400 m (round trip).
Average time: 2 hours
Route level: Light.

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